Ordering a Christmas tree

When ordering your Christmas tree you can choose from different lengths. When you have made a choice, you can then indicate the desired delivery date and time slot. You can use an iDeal payment to pay for your Christmas tree, but you can also pay cash or by pin upon delivery. For companies there is the possibility to pay the amount per invoice. We deliver the Christmas tree to the living room or office. We ensure that the Christmas tree is in good condition and only go again when you are satisfied.

Water stand

With us you can choose whether you want a water stand or wooden cross under your tree. The advantage of the water standard is that your tree stays beautiful longer, because the tree can continue to absorb water. 


Wij impregneren u kerstboom ook als u dat wilt. Hiermee maakt u uw kerstboom brandveilig. U kunt dit aangeven bij uw bestelling. Voor het impregneren van uw boom rekenen wij het volgende:

150-175 cm € 35,- | 175-200 cm € 45,- | 200-225 cm € 55,- | 225-250 cm € 65,- | 300-350 cm € 75,-

Pick up service

We also offer the possibility to collect your Christmas tree again after Christmas. We have a special collection service for this. We pick up the tree and leave the room neat and clean again. This service is especially popular among companies. You can select this service in your shopping cart.

Nordmann Kerstboom
100-125 cm
€ 30,-
Nordmann Kerstboom
125-150 cm
€ 45,-
Nordmann Kerstboom
150-175 cm
€ 55,-
Nordmann Kerstboom
175-200 cm
€ 65,-
Nordmann Kerstboom
200-225 cm
€ 85,-
Nordmann Kerstboom
225-250 cm
€ 105,-
Nordmann Kerstboom
250-300 cm
€ 135,-
Nordmann Kerstboom
300-350 cm
€ 165,-
Voor kerstbomen tot 250 cm
Waterstandaard Middel 52 cm
€ 37,50
Voor kerstbomen tot 250 cm
Houten kruis
€ 2,50
Voor kerstbomen vanaf 250 cm
Houten kruis Groot
€ 5,-
LED verlichting
LED Verlichting warm 480 lampjes
€ 37,50